Preserved Lemons

So I am trying something that I have been leery of in the past – preserving lemons. IMG_0001_2 There is a very funny article at that explains my trepidation with making these. However, I had a bunch of Meyer lemons languishing in the refrigerator, a box of kosher salt, and a few days off from work.  To me that equals experimentation day.


So, I scrubbed the lemons and removed the last bit of the stem that was left on each.  IMG_0003I then put a couple of handfuls of salt in the bottom of my current favorite canning jar.  Then I Took each lemon and cut it into quarters, but not cutting all the way through, leaving it to open up into connected quarters.  Sprinkling salt into the quarters, I pressed them as best I could into the jar, compacting them as I went.  I also added salt to each layer of lemons that I placed into the jar.   I was surprised at how many fit into the jar!IMG_0004I am, apparently, supposed to leave these on my countertop for 7-ish days then keep them indefinitely in the refrigerator.  We will see!  I will post updates as myIMG_0007_2 experiment goes on.




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