Pot Roast in an Instant Pot

So, when we downsized from our house in South Tampa to Channelside (another story for another post), we purged a LOT of things.  A couple of the things that I got rid of were the crock pot and the pressure cooker.  Each of those things I used a few times each month of so.  As we did not have a lot of room to store things, they did not make the cut for necessary things.  However, now that we have lived here for about 9 months, I really miss both of those things.    So, we have been looking at getting a crock pot, and stumbled across the Instant Pot.  At risk of this sounding like an advertisement, we love this thing!  It is a combination pressure cooker and crock pot.  IMG_3324

IMG_3310So, the first thing that I decided to make was a pot roast.  I took some  carrots, onions and potatoes and roughly chopped them.  As the pot has a metal insert, not a ceramic one, it can be used to brown the ingredients…

Like the roast…  IMG_3313IMG_3314






and the carrots and onions….


IMG_3325So, add some salt and pepper, put the roast back in, and cover the roast with the potatoes, carrots and onions, pour a couple of cups of stock over it all, and your ready to go.

50 minutes later with the pressure cooker, you have pot roast!